Where are you located ?


69th st. and Seawall Blvd. (On the Beach)

Galveston Island, Texas 77551

The Jet ski is on the beach ready to go located Seawall and 69th St across from Walmart beginning Spring 2017


Where is parking?

​Along the Seawall at a fee of $1.00 per hour

How old do I have to be rent a Jet Ski?

You have to be 18 years old with boater's certificate to rent Jet Ski.  If you are born after Jan. 1st 1998 you have to have a boater's safety card.

How do you get a boater's certificate?

​Certified Tourism Ambassador Effren Williams which is also a boater education instructor will issue a temporary boater's safety card after successfully completing a 30 minutes boaters safety course which you can take with us.(WHAT IS YOUR STUDY? )  Here is your answer..GUIDE, RELAX IT'S THAT EASY.

How much do you charge to take the test?

We charge $3.00

​What is the minimum age to ride a jet ski?

​14 years old with a boater's safety card.  Parental consent is require.

What is the minimum age to ride Jet Ski as a passenger?

​6 years old.

​What kind Jet Ski "s do you have?

Latest models YAMAHA

Do you provide safety equipment?

​Of course we do.

​What happen if you go out of riding area?

​You run the risk of receiving a ticket from the Coast Guard and loose all privileges of your remaining time for that day with no refund. (NO EXCEPTIONS)